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Business Analytics Consultant

  • Generating unique solutions to the business problems by amalgamating statistics, calculus and operations research
  • Onsite consultant to understand the client's business problem for the requirements analysis, the platform selection, design of technical architecture, application, development, testing and deployment of the proposed analytics solution
  • Multi-Domain Specialist, catered prestigious clients from varied industries like E-Commerce, FMCG and Banking Industry

Analytics Consultancy Services

  1. Marketing Analytics: Marketing Mix Modelling, Pricing Analytics, Advertising Analytics, Market Segmentation, Sales Forecasting, New Product Development/ Conjoint Analysis, Target Marketing/ Propensity Modelling
  2. Retail Analytics: Market Basket Analysis, RFM Analysis, Campaign Analytics, Consumer Churn Modelling, Recommendation Engine, Conversion Analytics
  3. Banking & Financial Analytics: Credit Scorecard Development, Risk Analytics, Fraud Analytics
  4. HR Analytics: Talent Analytics, Recruitment Analytics, Performance Analytics
  5. Health Care Analytics: Disease Prediction, Claim Prediction, Hospital Days Prediction, Hospital Readmission Prediction
  6. Clinical Data Analysis and Survival Analysis
  7. Web Analytics: Multi Touch Attribution Modelling, Sentiment Analysis
  8. Predictive Analytics for Internet of Things (IoT)
  9. Operations Analytics and Supply Chain Analytics
  10. Prescriptive Analytics and Optimization


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